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Discover the benefits of building with concrete and ICF's while helping to build sustainable housing for a Habitat family, June 27-30, 2022!

What is BuildBlock?

BuildBlock Insulating Concrete Forms (ICFs) are hollow foam blocks that are stacked into the shape of the exterior and load
bearing walls of a home, reinforced with steel rebar, and then filled with concrete.

The ICFs stay in place and provide superior insulation and noise reduction while keeping your family safe from disaster. BuildBlock ICF technology combines the proven strength and endurance of concrete and steel with the superior insulating properties of expanded polystyrene. Your home will be more energy efficient, comfortable, durable, and safer than a conventional home. 

BuildBlock Insulating Concrete Forms create the best insulated and air tight building envelope; the most
important part of an energy-efficient and resilient structure. 

Homes built with BuildBlock ICFs are so efficient that when combined with efficient windows, doors, and HVAC systems, homeowners generally save 30-70% on their utility costs. The insulated thermal mass of the concrete prevents outside temperatures from influencing the internal temperature of the home. This means your HVAC doesn’t have to work as hard, as well as these other benefits:

  • Stable room temperatures; no hot spots, no cold drafts.
  • 75% less outside air infiltrates a BuildBlock ICF home; greatly reducing pollen, allergens, and dust.
  • 80% of ICF home owners mention comfort as the best benefit compared to 22% of wood frame home owners. 
  • BuildBlock ICF structures provide unparalleled sound mitigation and true protection from outside noise allowing less than one-third as much sound to pass through than regular wood-frame walls. 
  • ICFs are the safest and most energy efficient construction method on the market today. 
  • Virtually any home plan can be adapted for BuildBlock ICFs. 
  • Exterior walls can be finished with brick, masonry, stone, stucco or siding. 
  • BuildBlock ICF homes are comparable in cost to wood framed homes, with reduced utility bills, maintenance, and upkeep. 

How can I learn more about building with the BuildBlock System?

Event Description: Build with Strength is partnering with Habitat for Humanity International and the Insulating Concrete Forms Manufacturers Association to fortify decent, affordable and sustainable housing across the U.S. This initiative will help to provide incredibly strong and sustainable homes for dozens of Habitat Partner Families over the course of several years. 

The site will be open to volunteers for training and stacking (registered with waivers/click blue box below) on June 27, 29 & 30. (BuildBlock forms stack easily and are ready to install right out of the truck- think giant LEGO blocks for adults!) 

On the 28th, the ICF supplier BuildBlock will host an on site training course that covers installation and benefits of the product. The course is broken into two segments. The morning will be a presentation and the afternoon will be hands on training. Seating is limited, so event attendees are encouraged to bring a camping chair. This is an opportunity to learn in an actual construction environment.                        RSVP FOR TRAINING COURSE BY EMAILING BARB ZEGIEL AT

Who Should Attend: Contractors, designers, architects, suppliers, and anyone interested in learning about the benefits of building with Insulating Concrete Forms and concrete. 



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