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Neighborhood Revitalization: Frequently Asked Questions

What is Neighborhood Revitalization?

Neighborhood Revitalization is the practice of working with residents and communities to take a holistic approach to community reinvestment. It is creating partnerships with residents and community organizations and businesses to look at building up the community to become a vibrant, safe, and inviting place to live for current and future residents.

What is going on in Greenbrook Tanglewood?

DuPage Habitat for Humanity, the Village of Hanover Park, and Keeneyville School District 20 have teamed up with over 20 other local community organizations and businesses to form a Neighborhood Revitalization Coalition. Through feedback from residents, the Neighborhood Revitalization Coalition identified four focus areas to make improvements and increase access to resources. The four focus areas are Affordable Housing, Family and Education, Job and Economic Development, and Clean-up/Green-up. Each of these four focus areas has a sub-committee of residents and representatives from the local community organizations who are passionate about making a difference in the proposed focus areas. 

Affordable Housing

This sub-committee is looking to serve many residents throughout the next three to five years. Their goals include providing guidance to renters to lead them toward a path of homeownership, helping current homeowners in need of home repair, and providing affordable housing to families that are a part of DuPage Habitat for Humanity’s Program. 

Family and Education

This sub-committee meeting is working to provide better access to programs for children and families in the Greenbrook Tanglewood neighborhood. This includes access to summer camps, afterschool programs, and safe places for children to hang out and gather. There are several representatives on the sub-committee are from the local school district or community organizations that serve youth and families. One of the biggest resident led focuses creating safe and educational opportunities for youth in the Greenbrook Tanglewood Neighborhood. 

Job and Economic Development

One of the goals of this sub-committee is to increase access to job opportunities in the area. This committee is working hard to ensure residents of Greenbrook Tanglewood have access to resources to aid them in the employment search process. In Fiscal Year 2018, this sub-committee held three Neighborhood Job Events. This committee is planning more workshops and job fairs for the future to help increase employment access! 

Clean-up/ Green-up

This sub-committee is working with residents on creating safe, clean, inviting greenspaces to encourage neighborhood interaction and relationship building between neighbors. They have also collaborated with Lake Park High School and the residents to hold several community clean-up days over the last year. These events are met with enthusiasm by the students, as they are helping to make a difference in their own community. 

How can I get involved?

There are always ways to get involved with the Neighborhood Revitalization initiative. Check Galaxy, our volunteer portal, for upcoming volunteer opportunities in the Greenbrook Tanglewood Neighborhood. You can also contact Jennifer Taff at (630)-510-3737 ext. 305.

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