Habitat for Humanity Chicago South Suburbs
Dave Neary

Executive Director
630-510-3737 Ext 301
Dave likes to spend his free time with family, building things, tinkering, learning, fly fishing, being an enthusiastic sports fan, people watching, scuba diving, camping, traveling, reading, cooking, and afternoon napping. His personal quirk includes being a parrot head.

Jennifer Taff

Associate Director
630-510-3737 Ext 305
Jennifer likes spending her free time enjoying a good book, playing board games or having epic toy solider battle with her two boys. Working in the social service field has been her passion. She likes to give back and give directions to those in need. Her main quirk is breaking out in song at random times. She loves music and grew up participating in choir and band.

Chris Stello

Director of Construction
Chris has been so busy building houses that we didn’t get his bio, but we imagine he probably likes long walks on the beach, watching the sunset, and supporting the Habitat mission.

Judy Tran

Finance Director
630-510-3737 Ext 303
Judy enjoys the beauties of the great outdoors: camping, hiking, gardening. She also loves spending time with family and friends. Judy is passionate about serving others and helps make a difference in the lives of people in the community by teaching ESL and helping refugees settle in to their new surroundings. One of her heroes is Corrie Ten Boom, who saved almost 800 people during the Nazi occupation of the Netherlands.

Sue Ward

Director of Development
630-510-3737 Ext 302
Sue likes to spend her free time cooking, entertaining, and estate sale shopping. She has been a ReStore shopper for several years, started volunteering with Habitat when she joined the Will County Habitat Women Build Steering Committee, and is happy to be putting her more than 17 years of experience with nonprofit fundraising and volunteer work to use in DuPage County.

James Escortt

Director of Community Engagement
630-510-3737 Ext 311
James likes to spend his free time with family and friends. He also sees them as his heroes because they have helped him get him to this point in his career. He works in nonprofit because he wants to be a part of the solution by supporting and building up communities. His personal quirk is that he can make himself laugh. His favorite sports team is the Chicago Bulls.

Dave Hoffmann

Construction Site Supervisor
Simply put, Dave works for Habitat because he likes helping people and has a passion for construction and real estate. Dave’s favorite volunteer story was when the son of a family whose house he had worked on wanted to be a Habitat volunteer based on what Habitat had done for his mom. In his free time, Dave plays music, hockey and enjoys camping. Speaking of hockey, Dave enjoys cheering on the Chicago Blackhawks.

Jeff Koeppel

Volunteer Manager
630-510-3737 Ext.314
Jeff has two awesome daughters Isabella and Nathalia that are his best friends. He has been in Sales management for 15+ years including 1 year as the Team Lead at the Habitat Restore in Addison. Jeff likes spending his free time with family and friends and enjoys making people laugh and can pair any food with the perfect cheese. Jeff also believes with hard work and passion anything is possible.

Maureen McGuire

Grants Manager
630-510-3737 Ext 308
Maureen enjoys baking and cooking new recipes (and giving a lot away because her family can't eat it all). She also rejoined Off Campus Writers Workshop out of Winnetka and has started writing a piece of fiction. Typically, she enjoys kayaking, eating out and getting together with friends and occasionally visiting the City of Chicago (the Museum of Contemporary Art is her my favorite). She believes that those of us who have had better opportunities have a moral obligation to help those who have not, and hopefully, give everyone a chance to build a better life for themselves and their families.

Jamie Panicali

Chicago South Suburbs Habitat for Humanity ReStore Operations Manager
708-755-1840 Ext 801
Jamie likes to spend her free time traveling with her family. The best part of working for a non-profit is seeing the mission come to life. When I was young my mom reached out and received help from a non-profit to fix our roof. Now working for DuPage Habitat it has come full circle. I am grateful of the impact I get to make in the community every day at work. Her hero includes her grandma. A personal quirk of hers is being a certified yoga instructor. Jamie’s favorite sports team is any team her kids are on.

Jorge Partida

Chicago South Suburbs Habitat for Humanity ReStore Driver
Jorge has been so busy working at the ReStore that we didn’t get his bio, but we imagine that he likes gardening, grilling, frisbee golf and supporting the Habitat mission.

Holly Pope

AmeriCorps Neighborhood Revitalization VISTA
630-510-3737 Ext 312
Holly likes to spend her free time reading, cooking, gardening and attending live music events. She works in nonprofits because she believes there is so much good that can be done in the world and contributing through non-profits is the best way to go. Her heroes are her parents because they have been a great support system and push her to be her best self. A quirk of hers is that she likes to collect coasters from all the different breweries she goes to.

Gina Pusateri

Corporate Procurement Manager
630-510-3737 Ext 402
Gina can often be found with her nose in a book, as she loves to read! She also enjoys baking, playing board games, spending time with a close-knit group of family and friends, doing yoga, volunteering, and trying new experiences. Her favorite volunteer experience was participating in a 5K for Making Strides Against Breast Cancer. It was just an amazing day of family bonding to celebrate her mother-in-law who is a breast cancer survivor. Gina cheers on the Chicago Bulls, the Chicago Bears and her Iowa Hawkeyes!

Lynne Rowe

Administrative Assistant
630-510-3737 Ext 307
Lynne likes to spend her free time creating jewelry and crafts, enjoying time with family, warm weather outdoor adventures, reading, and watching movies with friends. Her personal quirk includes having put sweat on Harrison Ford during on-location filming while she did costuming for a motion picture Harrison starred in.

Michael Smith

Individual and Foundation Giving Manager
630-510-3737 Ext 313
Michael likes to spend his free time drumming and performing in bands. His reason for working in non-profit include wanting end result of my efforts to provide a living for my family to be a positive contribution to society, and something my children can be proud of and inspired by. His personal quirk includes him being a five time state champion, though not for sports. His favorite sports team is the Nebraska Cornhuskers Football team.

Jill Sobie

Family Services Manager
630-510-3737 Ext 315
Jill likes to spend her free time reading, doing activities outside, watching movies, and doing trivia. Jill’s heroes are her parents and personal quirk includes her love for the Harry Potter series.

Michala (Mica) Stokes

Neighborhood Revitalization Specialist
630-510-3737 Ext 309
Michala (Mica) likes to spend her free time drinking coffee, cooking, and spending time with her friends and husband. Mica is in nonprofit work because she wants to be part of the solution and make a difference. Her heroes are her sisters and personal quirk includes her ridiculous clumsiness.

Debbie White

Corporate Relations Manager
630-510-3737 Ext 318
Debbie likes to spend her free time traveling, playing games, watching movies and TV series and being around her family and friends. She works in nonprofit because she has been very involved in volunteer work for several years with a focus on helping the marginalized and feels extremely fortunate and privileged to be able to give back. A fun fact is that she once was neighbors with Mick Jagger from the Rolling Stones. Her favorite sports team is the Chicago Cubs.

Amanda Zahorak

Marketing Manager
630-510-3737 Ext 310
In her free time Amanda enjoys reading, discovering new music and working out. She started working in nonprofit because she has always wanted to pursue a career of service and to continue to educate herself about the challenges the world faces while making an impact. Her heroes are her parents because they taught her valuable lessons on how to love, be humble and work hard. Amanda cheers on the Chicago Cubs!

Melonie Dulaney, President
Michele Payne, Vice President
Anthony McWhorter, Treasurer
Cheryl Jiles, Secretary
Nicholas Crite
Carol A. Wade