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Serving Those that Served Us
Our Mission: Fox Valley Habitat for Humanity seeks to put God’s love into action by bringing people together to build homes, communities and hope. Our mission targets at-risk families that that only make 30-80% of the average median income and almost always have extreme struggles making life difficult to endure.

Our Vision: The vision of Operation Home America is to create a community that will support sustainable and transformative development through affordable housing by partnering with community residents, churches, civic organizations, corporations and municipalities across the area, not only to build affordable houses but to build better lives, stronger families and safer communities.
Operation Home America is a Fox Valley Habitat for Humanity homeownership community of working lower-income families including veterans, seniors, abused women and children, disabled/handicapped individuals and other at-risk populations. This will be a unique community of engagement and support culturally, socially, physically and emotionally through a community center located in the center of the Operation Home America subdivision. It is our intention that this will become a model for other such communities around the country
Shelter for 100 Families
This integrated enhanced community is expected to have up to 100 homes when completed. Unlike the many transitional and temporary veteran housing projects that have sprung-up throughout the country, the FVHH Operation Home America seeks to create permanent, full-equity single-family homes. This commitment to the transformational power of homeownership will go a long way to adding stability to an often-unstable lifestyle that many low-income veterans experience. The plan is to build a total of 100 homes in 3 phases over the next 5 years.
A Hand Up Not a Handout
To provide these Veterans a hand up to a better life, we could use a hand from you. With the anticipated cost of the project estimated at in the millions, FVHFH is working closely with many individual donors to make this project a reality. With your help, ground breaking is set to commence in early fall 2021. To be part of this bold new concept in affordable veteran housing, please click on the donate button below. Help make a difference in the lives of so many that served us.
Help Their Mission Continue
Because of your help, the lives of those who sacrificed so much can now be enriched through the transformational power of home ownership. Any and all donations are appreciated. Not until all deserving residents have earned the housing they so covet; will we be able to say Mission Accomplished. With your help we can make it happen.

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Your Support
Interested in supporting Operation Home Americafinancially? Donations made to Operation Home America will go exclusively towards supporting the project. Your generosity will give veterans a decent, affordable place to live.

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Plans, Press, Media & Resources

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Stay Tuned
Be sure to return to this page for more information and updates on Operation Home America, including plans, photos and resources.


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