Habitat for Humanity Chicago South Suburbs

In today's competitive job market more and more businesses are seeing the short and long-term benefits to engaging their employees in volunteer work.

Research has shown that employees prefer to work for companies invested in charitable causes, and volunteering is a terrific way to facilitate that need at a relatively low cost to you. It is especially important to the Millennial generation, born approximately 1980-2000, which is the second largest outside of the Baby Boomers and is now entering the workforce in droves.

Whether you're seasoned pros or have never lifted a tool, Habitat Chicago South Suburbs offers a fun, easy, and hands-on team building opportunity for companies. Strengthen your team on one of our construction sites or Habitat ReStores as we challenge them to communicate and work together to help build a tangible outcome: a home for a family in need of decent and affordable housing. Employees return to the workplace motivated, connected, and inspired. We provide all the tools, materials, and training -- you just provide a tax-deductible donation and the helping hands!

Why team build with Habitat for Humanity Chicago South Suburbs?


  • Learn about your employees on a more personal level.
  • Break down the hierarchy walls of traditional corporate structure.
  • Assist in projects that provide a better future for other individuals.
  • Provide a deeper connection to the area around you.
  • Create a more stable environment for those in need.
  • Share an experience that you can take back to the office.


Maybe you’ve already spent money on ropes courses, picnics or retreats, and those all certainly have their place. We believe it’s also valuable to invest time with your employees in meaningful work that will not only have an impact on them, but on the people they help for years to come.

Ready to start planning your team build day?

Complete this form to get started and we will get back to you to schedule your build day. Teams contribute a tax-deductible donation based on the size of your group. Have questions? Contact Gina Pusateri, at gpusateri@gohabitat.org or (630) 510-3737 ext. 402.

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