Habitat for Humanity Chicago South Suburbs

Together, we can help make every neighborhood a home.

Our neighborhood revitalization work follows the guidelines provided in our Quality of Life Framework, a data-driven, customizable, and comprehensive approach to understand how the ultimate goal, an improved quality of life, can be achieved in a neighborhood. The Quality of Life Framework is Habitat’s hypothesis on how systemic and sustainable change happens in a neighborhood. It starts first by understanding everyone’s gifts, dreams, and concerns about the neighborhood; then building a strong foundation around a sense of community and social cohesion, and; finally utilizing this base to collectively act and implement projects that contribute to sector outcomes. It is an iterative process, where we continue to build social capital in a neighborhood throughout the revitalization process.

Habitat for Humanity had adopted a very specific approach to partnering with a community that begins with extensive research of the community. This includes reviewing census tracks to verify income limits, populations, demographics, and percentage of homeowners in the targeted neighborhood. We then conduct a windshield survey with our construction team to do a mapping of the visual needs. We then start our community outreach to begin building relationships the residents, leadership, community organizations and local nonprofits to understand the needs of the community prior to offering services. HABITAT FOR HUMANITY IS JUST ONE PART OF A COMMUNITY WIDE SOLUTION.