Chicagoland Habitat for Humanity


Frequently Asked Questions about Volunteering

Please read the following frequently asked questions. If you have other questions or concerns, please contact any of the Habitat for Humanity affiliates in Chicagoland listed on this page.

I am interested in volunteering. How do I get started?

If you are interested in volunteering, Volunteer Orientation is a good place to start! You will learn more about Habitat and find out all the ways you can get involved in construction and non-construction roles. Contact one of the local affiliates to get an orientation on how you can volunteer.

Do I have to commit to a full day?

Construction and home restoration volunteers must commit to a full day. ReStore volunteers can volunteer for a shift that is 3-4 hours, or a full day, depending on the ReStore schedule. Time commitments for non-construction positions vary; you can learn more by contacting your nearest affiliate.

What if I want to volunteer with a group?

Habitat welcomes groups! If you have a group of five or more, contact your nearest affiliate to learn more about group volunteering. Groups of four or fewer people may self-schedule to volunteer together.

I volunteered with a group and want to return on my own. How does that work?

Habitat welcomes those looking to get involved as individuals! If you are looking to sign up for a one-day construction opportunity, contact your nearest affiliate in the Chicagoland area.

Which dates do you have available?

The schedule is determined on an ongoing basis, so please be flexible with your requested dates. Please confirm that you will be able to sponsor your workdays before making a request.

I don’t have any construction skills. Can I still volunteer?

Absolutely! All skill levels are welcome. Affiliate staff is there to help volunteers and will give you all the onsite training you need.

Should I bring tools or other supplies with me?

If you do not own tools, you can still volunteer All necessary tools and safety equipment will be available on-site; however, it can be helpful to bring your own. Suggested tools include: a tool belt with hammer, tape measure, screwdriver, utility knife, pencil and pliers. Be sure to label tools with your name, so they don’t get mixed up with the tools provided by Habitat.

Should I bring anything else?

It's recommended that volunteers bring a hat, sunscreen and insect repellent.

How old do you have to be to volunteer?

That depends on the opportunity you wish to pursue. Construction and home restoration volunteers must be at least 16 years of age; 16- and 17-year-olds must be accompanied by someone who is 21 years or older. To volunteer at the ReStore or on a landscaping project, volunteers must be at least 14 years of age and accompanied by someone who is 21 years or older. Age requirements for other non-construction positions vary.

I am retired and still want to volunteer. Are there ways for me to get involved?

Habitat loves retired volunteers! Able-bodied adults interested in volunteering may want to join a regular construction crew or consider one of the many other volunteer opportunities available.