Chicagoland Habitat for Humanity
To revitalize a neighborhood requires that a thorough and inclusive planning process that results in a community action plan be created. The planning process provides a comprehensive roadmap for revitalization of each neighborhood by outlining the vision, priorities, goals and budget of that neighborhood. The planning process also includes some “quick win” or “early action” projects to inspire and engage key stakeholders in the process.

“Revitalization” can mean many things to an identified neighborhood. For example, transformation may result in:

  • Decreased crime. 
  • Increased property values. 
  • More access to social services and/or health care. 
  • Stronger neighborhood networks and connections. 
  • Higher education attainment levels. 


Community residents, organizations, funding providers and other supporters play an essential role in revitalization and transformation. Working together, they help to make significant and meaningful changes in structure, appearance and character within a community.

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