Will County Habitat for Humanity
What is a Campus Chapter?
  • Will County Habitat campus chapters are groups of classmates that are officially affiliated with Will County Habitat for Humanity and use their campus as a platform to educate and advocate for our mission.
  • Campus chapters are comprised of students who recognize that it isn't foolish or naive to believe that you can effect serious change for your community.
  • They recognize that words are good, but taking action is even better.
  • They recognize that, as a society, we have the resources to build a world where everyone has a decent place to live, we just need to come together to make it happen.
  • They recognize that the time to build is now.

Key Activities

Advocate: Tell organizations, businesses and community groups about the need for safe, affordable housing and concentrated community investments in Will County.

Educate: Inform classmates, teachers, friends and family about the mission of Will County Habitat and the importance of building strength, stability and self-reliance through housing, beautification, and development projects.

Volunteer: Spend time at the build site or at the ReStore Joliet volunteering alongside fellow chapter members and future Habitat homebuyers.

Fundraise: Put your money where your mouth is by augmenting your advocacy and volunteerism through fun and creative fundraisers with fellow chapter members.

Chapter Benefits
  • At least one group volunteer opportunity per semester
  • Year-long support from our Volunteers Team
  • Access to Habitat speakers for Campus Chapter events
  • Priority registration for special events
  • Access to Will County Habitat's online, easy-to-use fundraising tools
Next Steps

If you are interested in learning more or are ready to take the next steps, please email info@habitatwill.org.


Participating Campus Chapters
Joliet Catholic Academy     Lewis University     Providence Catholic High School