Chicagoland Habitat for Humanity
The Women Build program invites women to devote at least one day to helping families build strength, stability, and independence through housing. Beginning in 1991, Women Build has welcomed volunteers from all walks of life who have come together with Habitat for Humanity to build stronger, safer communities.

The program also spotlights the homeownership challenges faced by many women in need around the country, such as:
   •  Men earn more on average than women, resulting in access to higher credit, better loans, and better-quality homes and neighborhoods.

   •  Unequal caregiving responsibilities limit a woman’s time to dedicate toward obtaining and maintaining consistent employment and decent housing.

   • Studies indicate that single women are denied mortgages at higher rates than single men and pay more for them when approved.
Women Build brings women together to confront these challenges by building homes for other women, often alongside the future owners. This action can change the life of a family forever through homeownership.

If you are looking for a unique opportunity, come help us build a home!
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