Habitat ReStore Partial Home Demolition 

Partial Home Demolition

The Habitat ReStore Demolition Team works with donors to partially tear down salvageable portions of buildings or simply removing usable items in a kitchen to acquire quality materials to sell in our ReStore. With over 100 years of combined experience, our demolition team may be able to remove your kitchens, bathrooms, and other installed and salvageable building fixtures.

Your house will be left in great condition and you will save hundreds of dollars in de-installation fees.

Donors Receive:

A tax-deduction to the fullest extent of the law.

You help reduce waste by keeping your donation out of area landfills.

Most importantly. every donation helps another Habitat Partner Family achieve the dream of home-ownership.

How Demolition with Habitat Works:

Contact the ReStore at 847-249-3160 or email donations@habitatlc.org.

Someone will visit the site and review what items might be acceptable for demo/deconstruction

The work will be scheduled at a mutually agreeable date and time.

The ReStore Demolition Team will remove acceptable items from the walls, floors and framework of the building to load into our truck.

The Habitat ReStore gives a signed Donation Receipt listing all the items received by Habitat for Humanity. This receipt will be used as proof for the property owner's tax deduction.


Call today at (847)249-3160 or e-mail donations@habitatlc.org to set up an appointment.

What is Partial Home or Building Demolition? Partial home demolition is the dismantling of portions of a building or home with the goal of maximizing the amount of salvageable materials which can be saved and reused.

Al large portion of the materials in an existing house or building can be reused if properly salvaged.

What Goes Up, Must Come Down... But does it need to go into the ground?

The ReStore may be able to provide partial demolition service... Materials that are removed from donated houses or buildings are resold at the Gurnee ReStore to generate funds to build, rehab or repair Habitat homes and serve more Habitat Partner Families! 

Call today for more information at 847-249-3160 or e-mail donations@habitatlc.org to set up an appointment.

What we accept...

Cabinets - Bath items - Kitchen items

Exterior Doors and Windows - Quality Interior Doors and Windows

Light Fixtures with appropriate wiring


Appliances (7 years old or newer)

Furnaces and Air Conditioners (7 years old and newer)

Stair Railings - Mantles

If you are still unsure, please contact the ReStore at 847 - 623-1029 or email donations@habitatlc.org.


We sometimes accept...

Plants & Patio Stones

Lawn Furniture


Other exterior items

If you have any questions, please contact the ReStore at 847 623-1029 or email donations@habitatlc.org.

We do not accept from demo sites...

Tile and used carpet

Most Furniture

Lumber with wood rot, nails, nail holes or screws

To verify items are acceptable, please contact the ReStore at 847-623-1020 or email donations@habitatlc.org.


Have something we don't accept?  Try one of these alternatives:

  • SWALCOtakes solid waste like opened paint, opened cleaning products and electronics
  • Love.INC accepts gently-used beds, sofas and clothing.
  • Salvation Army welcomes clothing, sporting equipment, books and electronics. 
  • Freecycle your item.
  • Goodwill accepts a variety of clothing, household items

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