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Common Myth-conceptions

Myth: Habitat for Humanity gives away homes.
Fact: Every Habitat homeowner pays the entire mortgage with a below market interest rate.

Myth: Because of the family’s low income, they will end up in foreclosure
Fact: Fox Valley Habitat has only had one foreclosure in 30 years.

Myth: Habitat builds inferior homes.
Fact: Our homes are no different than any other well-built home, just smaller.

Myth: Families could have stayed in their nice apartment and paid less.
Fact: Rent for sub-standard apartments is usually more than the mortgage payment for a Habitat home.

Myth: Habitat does not contribute to the economy.
Fact: Fox Valley Habitat has paid over $3 million in property taxes and spent over $5 million in building costs.

Myth: Habitat homeowners will always be on public assistance.
Fact: Research states that the families on food stamps dropped from 40.6% before to 5.7% after moving into their home.

Myth: Families don't have to do anything to get a Habitat house.
Fact: They put in up to 500 "Sweat Equity" hours and participate in financial training classes.