Habitat for Humanity of McHenry County


Jerry Monica

President & CEO
815-759-9002 Ext 101 Email

Kathy Haupt

Services Coordinator
815-759-9002 Ext 107 Email

Julie Wills

Finance Manager

Sara Davis

Director of Community Operations
815-759-9002 Ext 102 Email

Jessie Flores

Community Outreach Coordinator
815-331-8153 Ext 108 Email

Allison Dibbern

Volunteer Coordinator / Community Outreach Team
815-331-8153 Ext 106 Email

Construction Staff

Bill Lee

Construction Manager
815-759-9002 Ext 103 Email

Brian Culbert

Construction Supervisor

Ron Lillie

Construction Team Leader

Ken Watkins

Construction Project Manager
815-759-9002 Ext 104

Kal Rihawi

Construction Team Leader

Dale McClelland

Energy Consultant

ReStore Staff

Mark Branson

Area ReStore Manager
(815)334-0500 Ext 202 Email

Joe Dziedzic

Woodstock ReStore Manager
(815)334-0500 Email

Scott Slater

McHenry ReStore Manager
(815)334-0500 Email

Board of Directors

Kim Egger

Vice President,
Cornerstone National Bank & Trust Company

Robert M. Gray
(Vice Chair)

Founding Partner,
Dorian-Gray Retirement Planning, Inc.

Dana Ferguson

Inside Sales Associate,

Rebecca Angeles

Rebecca’s Red Door

Jim Feetterer

ERP Software Specialists

Ted Gebeau

Loss Control Manager (Retired)

Kathy Loos

Kathy’s Real Estate Services

Doug Long

Director of Operations,
Emerson Electric (Retired)

Dana Rasho


William Regner

Residential Superintendent, Construction & Neighborhood Services,
City of McHenry (Retired)