DuPage Habitat for Humanity


How It Works

DuPage Habitat builds and sells homes to working families using the funds and volunteers provided by corporate, faith-based and individual sponsors. Habitat homes are not given away, nor are they earned solely through 'sweat equity.' Homes are built by volunteers and partner families then sold to the families on the basis of need, ability to re-pay a 30-year mortgage, and a willingness to invest 250 hours of 'sweat equity' labor in Habitat's work.

How do we make Habitat homes affordable? We calculate the mortgage based on the family's income and not by the home's market value. The affordable mortgage payments the families make are deposited into a Fund for Humanity, which helps pay for the construction of more homes. Habitat families also pay property taxes and homeowners' insurance.

Building Community

Because DuPage Habitat owns the mortgage, we maintain a long-term relationship with our partner families. The Habitat mortgage requires families to keep their homes in good order, prohibits renting of the home, and also protects Habitat's investment through structured equity sharing. We work with partner families to help them gain the skills they need to meet these goals. Habitat also keeps the right of first refusal to purchase a home back if a homeowner wants to sell their home.

Continuing Our Work

We need your help to continue building up our community. DuPage Habitat does not sell Partner Family mortgages to banks, which means that every time we build a home we must raise all of the funds needed to develop it. In our service area, we typically raise $150,000-$200,000 per home. We also welcome in-kind donations of products and services that keep development costs as low as possible. Your time, talents and support are invaluable to moving our mission forward!