DuPage Habitat for Humanity

Did you know?


Habitat was founded in 1976 in Americus, Georgia.

President and Mrs. Carter became volunteers in 1984.

We don't give houses away. Habitat homeowners help build their houses and pay an affordable mortgage or loan.

In FY 18, DuPage Habitat for Humanity ReStores kept nearly 700 tons of materials out of local landfills.


Habitat is uniquely positioned to address one of today's most urgent social issues: housing.

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When families spend disproportionately on housing, they are forced to make impossible choices on other basic needs such as food, health care, transportation.


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Our work today includes:

Blue Circle with Hammer iconNew construction where our houses and work processes are designed for their specific local settings and use locally available materials.


Blue Circle Blocks IconImprovement and repair of existing homes. DuPage Habitat’s Home Repair Program offers home repair services to homeowners so that they can continue to live in safe, decent homes for years to come.


Blue Circle People IconNeighborhood Revitalization responds to neighborhood aspirations in the Greenbrook Tanglewood Community by collaborating with residents and partners to improve quality of life.


HFH Icon House Blue CircleHabitat works alongside the families who partner with us.



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Better, more affordable housing leads to stronger childhood development and creates the ability - and financial flexibility - for a family to make forward-looking choices.


Gray Graduation Cap IconChildren do better in school and see improved graduation rates.


Gray Heart IconFamilies achieve improved physical and mental health.


Gray Bricks IconStability allows homeowners to make investments for the long-term.


Sunshine IconFamilies are in a better position to seize new and better opportunities.


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Coins Icon Significant Economic Impact


Collectively our homeowners have an impact of $300,000 in paid property taxes annually.


DuPage Habitat tithes to our Habitat partners in the Dominican Republic, in Fiscal Year 2018 we tithed $42,000.


Blue Circle People Icon Positive Impact on Communities and Society


DuPage Habitat participated in 48 Neighborhood Revitalization community projects in DuPage County in Fiscal Year 2018.


In 2018, DuPage Habitat for Humanity received the Vision Award from Urban Land Institute Chicago for the Tanglewood Greenbrook Neighborhood Revitalization program in Hanover Park.


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We are built on a foundation of faith.


The idea that became Habitat first grew from the fertile soil of Koinonia Farm, a community farm outside of Americus, Georgia, founded by farmer and biblical scholar Clarence Jordan. Koinonia was established to serve as a “demonstration plot of the kingdom of God.”


While personal faith is not always the motivating factor for all Habitat volunteers, our mission has always been based on the idea that we serve God by serving others.


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What will we build together?


With a shared purpose as our platform, you will:

  • Form a deeper connection with your community, building loyalty through purpose.
  • Engage your organization’s stakeholders by demonstrating your organization’s commitment to community impact.
  • Make a tangible and lasting difference by leveraging organizational assets for social change.

    We're ready to start today!


    Let us leverage our trusted brand reputation and leadership positioning to drive a successful partnership with you. Habitat works with corporations of all sizes to build customized partnerships, including:


    Individual and team builds

    Financial contributions

    Volunteering on a committee

    In-kind product donations for homes, such as paint, flooring, windows and doors,

    In-kind trade services for homes, such as civil engineering, architecture, electrical engineering, plumbing, roofing, etc.

    In-kind donations of building materials, lighting, furniture, appliances, sinks, cabinets and other goods to ReStores