2019 DuPage HFH Women Build

2019 WomenBuild
2019 WomenBuild

Board Builders

Welcome to the Board Builders page!

2019 WomenBuild is a fantastic opportunity to partner with women committed to the idea that every woman deserves the equal opportunity to build a strong future for herself and her family through quality, stable, and affordable homeownership.  

As a community of 300 females coming together to build over seven days, we will raise $100k to fund the home of a DuPage Habitat homeowner.  Our teams will work on two townhomes; we'll raise awarness of and work to reduce the homeownership gender gap, and our team members will learn new construction skills themselves.  We're excited to have fun with like-minded women as we learn together and work together to provide strength, stability, and self-reliance through affordable housing.  Won't you join us?

With thanks,

Julie Ann O'Connell, Meena Beyers, and Ann Kafka



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