2017 High Ropes for Habitat



How does a Father and Son Team raise funds for a Great Cause, Share a Lifetime Adventure and put Emergent Activewear ALL-IN Shorts to the Ultimate test?

By Stepping Off the Edge of a 21 Story Building in Schaumburg, with YOUR Support of Course!

Supporting charities and giving back to the community is a value our family holds very dear. My son Matt had a natural inclination to help others at a young age. When he was 10 years old, he folded 200 paper cranes to raise funds for a national charity. Then at 16, Matt and I volunteered with Habitat for Humanity to help paint a house. Now as an adult, Matt continues to support the local community thru his start-up company, Emergent Activewear. Even before the product launch, he has sponsored fundraisers for health and wellness causes that inspire everyone to live their personal best, especially our youth.

As a Father and Son Team we’re accepting the Habitat for Humanity challenge to rappel down Schaumburg’s Canon Building to raise funds to build homes for deserving families. Since I’m a Perl Mortgage Advisor/Reverse Mortgage Specialist, my Senior customers share their life experiences and inspire me. At 61, I want to encourage other older adults to face their fears and realize that it’s never too late to take on new ventures in life. With Matt’s entrepreneurial spirit, his intention is to motivate young adults to be the best they can be and realize, if you put your mind to it… anything is possible.

So with your support, Team Tutak will be stepping over the edge of a perfectly good building for Habitat for Humanity. We’ll wear Matt’s ALL-IN athletic shorts to hold our personal belongings including audio to offer a live simulcast of our descent. His patent pending designed shorts will hold our essentials secure without movement, safely zippered, and kept dry with water resistant pockets. (Especially if I lose body control while descending) The Ultimate Test for ALL-IN Shorts, the 21 Story Challenge. Please Support us as we Step Over the Edge.

Visit www.emergentactive.com to discover more... JOIN the adventure, follow us and share with family and friends.
NOTE: All supporters that follow Emergent will receive exclusive offers, updates and a chance to WIN prizes &apparel.

Matt and I hope you will sponsor us with your donation on this extremely exciting fundraiser. All sponsors donating over $250 will have their name printed on our shirts and sponsor banner displayed at the event.

Information on the event and the onsite party will be sent to all contributing sponsors.

TEAM TUTAK Sincerely appreciates your generous support! Life’s an Adventure.

Lester Tutak        Matt Tutak

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