DuPage Habitat for Humanity
Together, we can help make the Cost of Home something we all can afford.

At DuPage Habitat for Humanity, we know that a family should never have to spend more than 30% of their income on a home. But millions in the U.S. struggle daily with housing costs. One in 3 families pay more than 30% of their income on housing costs. Worse, 1 in 6 families pay half or more on housing- a level deemed "severly cost- burdened." Now, as the significant economic impacts of COVID-19 continue to unfold, the number of families struggling to make ends meet is only growing.

That means that 1 in 6 families are denied the personal economic stability that safe, decent, and affordable housing provides. 1 in 6 families are forced to make impossible choices. Safe homes. Nutritious food on the table. Health care. Access to good schools. Reliable transportation. 

Which would you choose?

We know the complexities that surround the cost of home. We also know the struggle, stress and pain of far too many families in our communities. Families who have suffered from redlining, racial inequality and the housing disparities that follow. Families who have worked hard and still come up short, not because of their own efforts but because of systemic issues and an inequitable economy. And we know that those with the fewest resources are always the ones who are forced to make the hardest choices.

Through the Cost of Home campaign, Habitat for Humanity is advocating for policy solutions that will improve home affordability for rental and ownership. Increased family stability and economic mobility, a greater sense of dignity and civic pride, stronger and more vibrant communities that can attract and keep business and manufacturing — these are all connected to stable, decent, affordable housing.

The solutions

We strive to create a healthy housing market and affordable opportunities in every community in the United States. We urge policymakers from the local, state and federal levels to support comprehensive packages that address the increasing cost of housing across the rental and homeownership spectrum to meet the needs of low-income individuals and families nationwide.

The Cost of Home campaign is built on four areas of policy focus detailed in our Cost of Home policy platform. Achieving policy solutions in these four areas will enable families to have greater access to homes they can afford — and to all the opportunities that follow.

The Cost of Home campaign is increasing home affordability by influencing policies focused on:

  • Increasing supply and preservation of affordable homes
  • Equitably increasing access to credit
  • Optimizing land use for affordable homes
  • Ensuring access to and development of communities of opportunity