Success Stories

Think Habitat homeownership might be right for you? Take the first step and attend an application session. The following Habitat homeowners did it and you can too!

Meet Tony

For years, Tony struggled to support his family and give his four children a safe and secure home. Tony is a hardworking veteran and single dad who performs work we all depend on in our community. But even though he works hard, he became unable to afford the substandard apartment he rented. With a limited budget, it was hard to make ends meet even when it came to a basic need like housing. An affordable place to live for their family of five was simply out of reach. Relying on one income forced Tony to make some tough decisions to support his family. At one point he even lived in transitional housing with his four children to help save funds towards his dream of homeownership. He wanted to feel a sense of belonging in his community and the security of being in a permanent home.

“When we learned about DuPage Habitat for Humanity, everything in our lives changed for the better,” Tony said. “It has been a real turning point for us. DuPage Habitat for Humanity and all of the people who helped build our home have given us the sense of community we have longed for. We now have hope for our family’s future. And we finally have a place we are proud to call home. Kind people really show the rest of the world what we should all be doing for one another. Even the smallest gesture of kindness can shape a life.”

Like Tony, all Habitat homeowners help build their own homes alongside volunteers. When construction is complete, they pay an affordable mortgage, which is invested back into our program to build more homes for more families in need. We are excited to welcome Tony and his children into the DuPage Habitat family!

Every Child - Caden & Jeanette

Jeanette is an energetic, confident and outgoing woman. She feels she has learned a great deal with the help of her Bridge Communities and DuPage Habitat for Humanity mentors. Jeanette recently learned how to manage a household and budget. She understands how important these responsibilities are, and has exceled at implementing these new skills visible in her current debt-free status and healthy savings account. Jeanette decided that in order to truly learn how to manage a budget efficiently and effectively, she set up a weekly/monthly spreadsheet to track all expenses and savings progress.

Jeanette is one of three children and learned basic home maintenance tips from her father.She has a positive outlook, excitement to learn new skills and a resilience that will make her a great homeowner. Jeanette values her Czechoslovakian history and culture.  She is very active with other Czech families in her Church, and is proud to maintain a bilingual household. Jeanette has a strong commitment to family. She strives to provide a positive, loving and stable home for herself and her son. She is eager to work hard to complete the requirements to become a Habitat partner family, and turn her new house into a home!

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