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DuPage Habitat for Humanity is dedicated to engaging in neighborhood revitalization to serve more families by responding to community aspirations with services and partnerships, empowering residents to revive their neighborhoods and enhance their quality of life.

Because building communities is about more than one home. It's about the dreams and aspirations, resources and assets, and the needs of the people who make them up.   

Residents know better than anyone what their communities need to make their quality of life better. Whether its Little Libraries throughout the community, permanent address numbers on all of the homes, a Junior Resident Board, or job fairs, the residents in Hanover Park's Greenbrook Tanglewood community have hopes and dreams for their neighborhood.

DuPage Habitat offers expertise in partnerships and affordable housing. Partnering with residents and other organizations helps ensure that Habitat’s work — from home rehabs to community gardens, from new houses to financial literacy classes — contributes to the fabric of neighborhoods and makes them an inviting place to call home.

We can’t do this work alone. We must collaborate with partners who share a common vision, goals and values for the neighborhood and who bring their own areas of expertise to the process, with each organization doing its part to help revitalize the neighborhood. DuPage Habitat is partnering with the residents of Greenbrook Tanglewood, the Village of Hanover Park, the Keeneyville School District, and other community organizations and businesses to build up this neighborhood so they can achieve their dreams and aspirations.

For more information about Neighborhood Revitalization, please contact Mica Wright, Neighborhood Revitalization Specialist, at or (630) 510-3737x 309.

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