Neighborhood Revitalization

DuPage Habitat for Humanity is currently working on Neighborhood Revitalization in the Greenbrook Tanglewood Neighborhood of Hanover Park, IL. Neighborhood Revitalization (NR) is the practice of working with residents and communities to take a holistic approach to community reinvestment. DuPage Habitat for Humanity is partnering with the residents of Greenbrook Tanglewood, the Village of Hanover Park, the Keeneyville School District, and other community organizations and businesses to build up this neighborhood so they can achieve their dreams and aspirations.

In April 2016, these stakeholders came together as partners in this effort to form a strategy. As part of the Partners Meeting, participants worked in small groups to brainstorm the priority issue areas around which to focus the neighborhood improvement strategy for Greenbrook Tanglewood. The four priority issue areas are:

  1. Housing
  2. Clean-up/Green-up
  3. Family and Education
  4. Job and Economic Development

After we established these four priority areas, we worked to form partnerships with residents, community organizations, and businesses who live, work, or serve in the area to help form a Community Coalition. In September, our Community Coalition met to divide into sub-committees that would focus on each of these priority areas to start making a difference in the Greenbrook Tanglewood Neighborhood. A resident from the Greenbrook Tanglewood community co-chairs each of the sub-committees to lend insight to the coalition about the needs of the community. A member from a community organization or business also co-chairs each committee alongside the resident to help with reaching out to and connecting with community resources.

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For volunteer opportunities with Neighborhood Revitalization, please visit our volunteer platform VolunteerUp to view our calendar. For more information about Neighborhood Revitalization, please contact or Director of Community Engagement, Jennifer Taff, at or (630) 510-3737x 305.

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