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How are donations distributed and used?

Donations are distributed as designated by the donor for the construction of homes. Any undesignated gifts are used where needed. Gifts to Fox Valley Habitat for Humanity are deductible for income tax purposes. Also, 10% of all undesignated donations are tithed every year to Habitat for Humanity International to assist the building of Habitat homes in Bolivia. 


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Would you like to donate to a specific project? Choose from the list below:

Faith Build 2020

Realtors Unite Home

Women Build

Using your IRA as a charitable donation

Did you know that your tax deductible gift does much more than help families escape from unsafe, unhealthy living conditions? You are helping families to break the cycle of poverty and build long-term financial security.

Your IRA minimum distributions can be transferred directly and are considered donations when filing your taxes. 

Those eligible can have annual direct transfers from their IRA up to $100,000 to any qualifying charitable organization, such as Fox Valley Habitat for Humanity. This is an easy, tax advantaged way for you to make annual gifts to all of your favorite charitable organizations.

But here’s the really good part; the Charitable IRA Rollover can automatically count toward your required minimum distribution (RMD) for the year. That’s a real advantage for a charitably minded IRA owner.

So why should you consider making your charitable gifts directly from your IRA rather than taking the money out as income first and then making your donations?

The qualifications for this type of contribution are:

Contact your IRA custodian or accountant to help you arrange for the transfer of assets to Fox Valley Habitat for Humanity. They can make a transfer from your IRA directly to us. Your IRA trustees and custodians should have forms and procedures in place to make this transfer easy for you. Remember, qualifying direct transfers must occur prior to December 31st in order to apply to your tax filing.

Investments such as stocks, bonds and other investment tools not held in your IRA can also be donated to Fox Valley Habitat for Humanity. Contact us at (630) 859-3333 for additional information.

Your gift will help Fox Valley Habitat continue to build decent, affordable housing within your community.


Cars for homes

Donate your old motorcycle!





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