Critical Home Repair

  • Are you living in challenging circumstances, which have created issues that are beyond what you can handle on your own?
  • Are you struggling to keep your home in livable condition?
  • Have you had to choose between paying for home repairs and food, medication, taxes, and basic utilities?
  •  Are you facing city code violations or homeowner insurance cancellation due to the condition of your home?

Once a homeowner’s eligibility is determined and their application is accepted, Habitat for Humanity of McHenry County’s Critical Home Repair program provides caring volunteer groups who come alongside and assist homeowners in making essential repairs to their home to keep it safe and livable.

Homeowner eligibility:

* Family income must be between 30% and 80% of the McHenry County’ Area Median Income.

2018 Income Guidelines (Source: HUD)

Family Size

Minimum Gross Income

Maximum Gross Income


























  • Homes must be owner-occupied; rental properties are not eligible.
  • Scope of work must match program resources.
  • All able-bodied homeowners and residents of the home are requested to work alongside our volunteers.
  • All property taxes must be current.
  • Property insurance must be in force.
  • Applicant must be a resident of McHenry County, IL.
  • Homeowners are expected to be cooperative partners with staff and volunteers.
  • Our Home Repair program is not a free program. HFHMC asks that the homeowner attempts to repay at least a portion of the cost of project materials if possible. Zero interest repayment plans are available if needed. If financial hardship precludes repayment, a forgivable “silent lien” that doesn’t impact the homeowner’s credit or ability to borrow may be placed against the home for a period of time according to HUD guidelines. If the home is sold within this “affordability period” defined by HUD, the lien would become due, and would be collected from the proceeds of the home sale.

*For application information, please contact Habitat for Humanit of McHenry at (815) 759-9002.

*These criteria may be subject to change

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