Bid Opportunity

Two Homes at the Pioneer Prairie Project, Sherman and Pomeroy Streets, West Chicago



Contractors are invited to bid on DuPage Habitat for Humanity’s Pioneer Prairie project located at the corner of Sherman and Pomeroy Streets in West Chicago, Illinois. We are soliciting bids for the following stages of construction for two homes in 2015: electrical, excavation, concrete foundations, plumbing, gutters/downspouts/soffit/fascia, overhead garage doors, carpeting.


About DuPage Habitat for Humanity

DuPage Habitat for Humanity is a locally run affiliate of Habitat for Humanity International, a nonprofit, ecumenical Christian housing organization. DuPage Habitat for Humanity works in partnership with corporate and community partners to build modest and affordable housing. The houses are sold to qualifying families at no profit and with no interest. No calls please.


Timeline for Submission and Pre-Development

February 12, 2015 Bid Opportunity Available. House Plans Available for pickup at contractor’s expense at Gill Reprographics (17W715 Butterfield Rd. #B, Oak Brook Terrace, IL. 60181, 630-652-0800) at contractor’s expense.
Map and Driving Directions
February 23, 2015 Sealed Bids must be received at DuPage Habitat for Humanity, located at 1600 E. Roosevelt Rd., Wheaton, IL 60187.
Map and Driving Directions


Required Sealed Bid Components


Bid Documents available for Download:

  1. Bid Document
  2. Bid Specifications:
    1. Pioneer Prairie Electrical Specifications
    2. Pioneer Prairie Excavation Specifications
    3. Pioneer Prairie Concrete Foundations Specifications
    4. Pioneer Prairie Plumbing Specifications
    5. Pioneer Prairie Gutter & Downspout Specifications
    6. Pioneer Prairie Soffit/Fascia Specifications
    7. Pioneer Prairie Overhead Garage Doors Specifications
    8. Pioneer Prairie Carpet Specifications
  3. Project Schedule
  4. House Plans are not available for download.
    Hard copies are available for pickup at contractor’s expense at Gill Reprographics, 17W715 Butterfield Rd. # B, Oak Brook Terrace, IL. 60181, 630-652-0800
    Map and Driving Directions
  5. Sample standard contract


In addition, please note the following:


Selection of Bidders

The above guidelines must be adhered to and the required information must be submitted with the bid. Bids from debarred, suspended or ineligible contractors or subcontractors will not be considered. Contracts will be awarded in writing to the lowest qualified bidders meeting specifications. Reasons for rejection may include the following:

Addendum #1

  1. Sealed bid are not required
  2. Concrete / Foundation Specifications
    1. Two (2) inch rigid insulation will be installed on the exterior of the basement foundation walls for the dwelling area.
    2. The front wall, common to the garage and basement should be a ten (10) inch wall with the offset to be calculated for 11-7/8" I-Joist rather than 2"x 10" floor joist

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