Why Habitat for Humanity is Needed in Chicagoland

  • About 420,000 of Chicago’s working poor live in substandard housing in the Chicago metro area. Half of these people live in the City of Chicago.
  • If you add those who are homeless and people facing foreclosures, nearly 1 million people are homeless, at risk of foreclosure, or living in inadequate housing.

Housing is More than Just a Roof Over Somebody’s Head

  • Decent affordable housing provides stability for families and children.
  • Owning a home provides a family with a sense of dignity and pride.
  • Homeowners enjoy better health, physical safety, and security.
  • Families in homes tend to have increased educational and job prospects.

Good Housing Contributes Greatly to Thriving Communities

  • Housing is a catalyst for civic involvement and a stimulus for community-based organizations.
  • Safe homes and neighborhoods help to build social stability and security.1

Housing in the Chicagoland Area Must be a Priority

  • The percentage of people in the Chicagoland area without access to decent, affordable housing is on the rise.
  • Increasing and rehabbing the housing supply across Chicagoland is essential.

1 D. Kissick, et al, Housing for All: Essential for Economic, Social, and Civic Development, a 28 page manuscript prepared for the World Urban Forum III by PADCO/AECOM.