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Make Your Dorm a Home at the Habitat ReStore

Now through the end of August, the Habitat ReStore is offering 20% off regular-priced appliances, furniture, and home decor (including rugs!) with the presentation of a valid college ID.


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We understand that college is going to look a little different this year. Classes may be partially online and you might be forced to spend more time in your room, which is why it is important to build a space where you feel at home. Whether you’re living in a single room, a double, a suite, or an off-campus apartment, the Habitat ReStore can help you customize your space and make it your home away from home!




College is expensive between tuition, fees and books. The process of setting up your very first (or second) dorm room can be daunting. The ReStore has everything new and returning students need to arrive to school on a budget. To make it easier, we’ve set up a guide to putting together the perfect room.


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College housing is notoriously small. First, prioritize your must-have dorm features. Whether it’s extra storage, a useful workspace, or a sociable atmosphere, having your priorities straight will help lead your journey through the ReStore!


ReStores are a great place to search for extra shelves, lamps and even appliances like microwaves. If your dorm has a bookshelf or shelving unit, think vertically and stack additional shelves on top for extra space.


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Have extra space? Maybe stacking your beds has created some room, pick up small pieces of furniture like chairs, coffee tables or stools to finish off the room.  A little furniture can make your space feel homier as well as well as create additional seating for you and your new friends in college!


Our locations are typically stocked with tons of tables, chairs, coffee tables and loveseats. Sometimes you can even luck out and find a bench or ottoman that has extra storage, which can come in handy when space is hard to come by.


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Although the ability to customize your room seems limited, there’s always an opportunity to get creative! To make your dorm feel a little more like you, pick out a few simple touches that help fill up the room without taking up too much valuable space.


The ReStore carries area rugs and wall art, which can add color, new patterns and even some vintage flair to your new space. Keep an eye out for a free-standing or framed mirror to give your room a bigger feel.

Pro tip: The ReStore does not carry bedding, but there are endless ways you can make up your bed with blankets, comforter and pillows to showcase your style.


Finally, ReStores carry a wide range of low-cost building materials, like painting supplies, hardware, wood pallets and basic lumber.  If you’re wondering how to decorate your dorm in a way that’s a little more crafty and hands-on, check out these DIY upcycling projects to get inspired:




College will be a brand new experience, which is why it is important to build a place that you can call home while you’re away at school. Creating some familiarity in your new living space can make your surroundings less daunting and more comfortable. And by assembling your unique space at the Habitat ReStore, you are saving a few bucks and supporting the Habitat for Humanity mission at the same time!


Now through the end of August the Habitat ReStore is making decorating your dorm even more affordable with our Back to School sale! The ReStore is offering 20% off regular priced appliances, furniture and home decor (including rugs!) with the presentation of a valid college ID. Come see us this month to make your dorm room a home away from home!


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