Fox Valley Habitat for Humanity

A perfect time for compassion and resolve, hope and action

A letter from our Executive Director


Dear Friends, 

The COVID-19 epidemic is a teaching moment for us all. Personally, it’s reminding me how our lives can be profoundly affected by outside forces we can’t control. And that is giving me a whole new level of empathy for the families served by Fox Valley Habitat for Humanity.  

Habitat families are hard-working neighbors who aspire to home ownership. But their inability to qualify for a traditional loan or accumulate a down payment has prevented them from ever achieving their dream. 

Today, you and I are feeling stuck at home, our freedom curtailed by social distancing. For their part, Habitat families spend years in their own form of isolation, prevented from achieving one of the most powerful building blocks of a better life: home ownership.  

When Habitat for Humanity helps them earn their way into that new home, we give them a rare new shot at self-determination – something I am sure neither you nor I is taking for granted these days.  

The corona virus is bringing humbling disruptions to each of our lives. Maybe that makes it the perfect time for us to think about those who are even less fortunate, and…… 

At this point, you probably think I’m angling for a donation to Fox Valley Habitat for Humanity. I’m not. Instead, I’m just going to ask you to make a contribution somewhere, to help our Fox Valley neighbors meet their profound human needs during this difficult time. 

If you choose Habitat to receive your gift, great – we will continue building our community through building homes and building lives and we will steward your contribution well.  

But the important thing is to give somewhere. Because standing up in the face of forces we can’t control makes this the perfect time for compassion and resolve, hope and action. 

Blessings, Safety, Health and Peace,

Jeffrey Barrett
Executive Director
Fox Valley Habitat for Humanity



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