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Marrufo Family

The Marrufo family have a happy ending for their son

The Marrufo family celebrated the dedication of their home in January, 2019. Their home was built with handicap accessibility for their 14 year old son, Manny. The home they were living in was a challenge for all of them to help take care of him. His wheelchair did not fit through the doorways, so he could not use it inside and they had to carry him up a flight of stairs every night to get to his bedroom. Their bathroom was also not equipped for him to use easily and due to him growing older, it was very hard to help him with his daily needs. 

He is now able to roam freely and maneuver his wheelchair around the whole house! One of the best outcomes of having this home is Manny is able to be more independent and do things for himself that we was not able to do before. He's now able to get in the kitchen and help out and do his own laundry. 

Marisa and Tino are settling into their home with Manny, their oldest son, Raffa, and Tino's mother, Soledad. Welcome home Marrufo Family! We are excited to watch them grow as a family and make many wonderful memories in their home!


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