Fox Valley Habitat for Humanity

McCormick Brothers


Thank you to the McCormick brothers for your years of dedication to Fox Valley Habitat!

Dave and Steven McCormick, founders of First Centennial Mortgage, have continued to surprise the Fox Valley Habitat community with their generosity from the start of their journey with FVHH. The brothers initally met with Jeffrey Barrett, Fox Valley Habitat's CEO, in June of 2013. The two explain how they were incredibly moved by the acts of Fox Valley Habitat within their community. Dave and Steven wanted to be involved immediately, and they supported a fundraising campaign with a donation of four plots of land. Shortly after this donation, Dave and Steven joined the Board of Directors and have been active members since.

Dave and Steven have dedicated over 20 years to homeownership and mortgage banking. They explain how they were naturally inspired by the work Fox Valley Habitat was doing in the community, specifically with affordble homeownership. Steven explains, "The impact a stable home can have on an entire family is incredible and the Fox Valley Habitat affiliate has story after story of that playing out in our community. A piece of Habitat literature we once read said it best: 'Habitat seeks to put God's love into action by building homes, communities, and hope.'"

Not only are Dave and Steven active within the FVHH community, but they encourage their co-workers to be active as well. Often times, their office will participate in a build day. They explain that these build days with their co-workers have served as some of their most memorable moments working with Habitat. Working alongside with the family that will soon be living in the house provides a sense of accomplishment, and the brothers explain that everyone in their office finds great joy to work with the community in this way.

Involvement within the Habitat community has not only greatly impacted Dave and Steven, but their families have been impacted as well. Combined, the two have eight children. Their children are always asking how or when they can be involved with Habitat because they have witnessed the amazing things that Habitat has done in their community. Dave and Steven have also brought many insights to the Habitat Board due to their experience in mortgage banking.

On behalf of the Fox Valley Habitat affiliate, thank you McCormick brothers. Your dedication to our affiliate has created so many opportunities for us as an organization, and your generous acts have given countless families in the community more than they could have asked for. 


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