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Family of Six Celebrate New Home from DuPage Habitat for Humanity

Janvier cuts the ribbon on his new front door
Janvier cuts the ribbon on his new front door

Janvier, Josephina, and their four children were thrilled to see their new home dedicated.

On Sunday, June 2, Janvier and Josephina finally received the key to their family’s new home in West Chicago, after years of building a foundation in DuPage County. Over 75 people showed up to celebrate, worship, and welcome the family home. Members from their place of worship, Jericho Road Church, and Habitat supporters alike came together to lift the family up in celebration.

“I have always wanted to stand on my own,” Janvier says. “Without assistance, we could not afford to live here. But I grew increasingly tired of the trap that this aid seemed to keep me in. When our fourth child was born, we were told we had too many people for our apartment. But our program only had housing in another town many miles away. It was hard for my kids to leave their friends. We have had to move two more times since then because of rent increases I cannot afford. I want to be on my own to support my family.”

Janvier wanted a home of his own that would not only be a happy, stable foundation for his wife and four children, but also a place that he could share with others.

Janvier says, “I thought, ‘If I have my own home, I can more easily share it with others,’ which is very important to me. It is what we do in our culture, welcome friends and family into our homes.”

At the dedication, Janvier and Josephina were able to do just that. Janvier walked the floors of home, smiling and shaking hands with his faith community. He thanked everyone for coming and thanked Habitat staff and volunteers for all the work they’ve put into the house to turn it into a home.

Janvier says he likes to work, and his family wanted to work for their home, so they could feel like they earned it. He was happy to partner with Habitat for this milestone, saying “The best thing about DuPage Habitat is that they help people like God has asked us to do.”

“Hard work brings good things,” Janvier says.

He now has hope for the future of his family. Josephina is ready to start a new job now that all four kids are in school full-time, and Janvier has already moved from a bagger at Jewel to working in the warehouse. Next year, their oldest son, Eric, will graduate from high school.

“I am grateful and I look forward to when I can help someone else,” Janvier says.

After singing a hymn and listening to a blessing of the home by Pamela Klein, the family expressed their gratitude for this opportunity. Eric gave thanks to their spiritual community for welcoming them over the years.

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