DuPage Habitat for Humanity


DuPage Senior Citizens Council Enters Partnership with DuPage Habitat for Humanity

DuPage Habitat for Humanity and DuPage Senior Citizens Council will begin collaborative efforts.


DuPage Habitat for Humanity has started a new partnership with DuPage Senior Citizens Council in an effort to serve more residents of the county with home repair needs.


The vision for this partnership is to improve the quality of life for senior citizens in DuPage County through a referral process between the two organizations’ respective programs. DuPage Habitat and the DuPage Senior Citizens Council will assess Home Repair requests and refer services to each other, if there are repairs that the other organization has the resources to serve. In addition, DuPage Habitat will serve as one of the contractor referral organizations for the DuPage Senior Citizens Council.


The organizations will also collaborate to refer volunteers to the respective organization when their request or need cannot be fulfilled by the organization they initially reached out to. This ensures that new volunteers of either organization will be able to provide service to the DuPage County community.


Jennifer Taff, Director of Community Engagement at DuPage Habitat, said, “By collaborating with DuPage Senior Citizens Council, DuPage Habitat will benefit additional aging in place individuals throughout DuPage County. Partnerships such as these provide sustainable impact for the recipient of the program, as well as a sense of community to those we serve together. ‘Better together than alone,’ I am sure is a famous phrase and very true here.”


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