DuPage Habitat for Humanity


Circle Buick GMC Supports DuPage Habitat for Humanity with Truck Donation

Circle Buick GMC Truck Donation
Circle Buick GMC Truck Donation

DuPage Habitat and Circle Buick GMC begin charitable partnership.


Circle Buick GMC has recently donated a 2008 GMC Sierra SLT 1500 truck to DuPage Habitat for Humanity, to be used for construction needs.


Since its founding in 1981, Circle Buick GMC has been active in local sponsorships and donations. Wayne Druktenis, Director of Operations at Circle, looks forward to the partnership. “Over the last few years, Circle has become more involved with causes that have a larger impact or reach, such as Habitat for Humanity. Circle has always supported local organizations in need of help, but we wanted to contribute to a cause which has both life and generational reach,” Druktenis said.


The construction team at DuPage Habitat is particularly grateful for the donation. Dave Neary, Executive Director at DuPage Habitat, explained why having another vehicle in the field makes a big impact: “One of the greatest challenges we have as an organization is logistics. Having a dependable four-wheel drive truck for moving of trailers, materials, and volunteers greatly improves our mission impact. We are grateful for Circle Buick GMC and Wayne for the generous donation of the truck. It has already made a difference in the short time we have had it.”


Druktenis said, “After working with a few partners recently, I saw just how important it is for a family to have a permanent address and a safe environment, on affordable terms. Having a home is the foundation for so many things and is often taken for granted. I believe in Habitat’s partnership philosophy because the efforts are a true source of education for those needing a helping hand. Habitat sets people and their families up for long term success.


“Our clientele is made up of a very large percentage of business owners and we believe by making our customers aware, through in-store materials and digital efforts, that they will find a way to give back as well. We plan to run fundraising events throughout the year for our partners. Our employees will be key in our efforts and ensure successful events. Our employees are very excited to be a part of Habitat for Humanity, and to have such a large impact on people’s lives.”


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