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Future Homeowners Find Strength Through Shelter

Future Habitat Homeowners, Janvier and Josephina, provide stability, strength and shelter for their four children with help from DuPage Habitat.

When my wife, Josephina, our kids and I stepped off the plane at Chicago’s O’Hare Airport and felt the cold breeze from Lake Michigan, we knew we weren’t in Africa anymore. Coming from a refugee camp in Tanzania and being placed in one of the wealthiest counties in the country by our refugee agency had its own set of challenges. We received a helping hand from local government programs, allowing us to stay afloat, but I wanted more for my family.

I have always wanted to stand on my own. Without assistance we could not afford to live here in DuPage County. But I grew increasingly tired of the trap that this aid seemed to keep me in. When our fourth child was born, we were told we had too many people for our apartment. But our program only had housing in another town many miles away. It was hard for my kids to leave their friends. We have had to move two more times since then because of rent increases I cannot afford. I want to be on my own to support my family.

I want a home of my own that will not only be a happy, stable foundation for my wife and four children, but also a place that I can share with others. If I have my own home, I can more easily share it, which is very important to me. It is what we do in our culture, welcome friends and family into our homes.

I like to work, and my family and I want to work for our home, so we can feel like we’ve earned it. I feel like God wants me to work, and that DuPage Habitat is a good community organization. The best thing about DuPage Habitat is that they help people like God has asked us to do.

Hard work brings good things.

I have hope for the future of my family. Josephina is ready to start a new job now that all four kids are in school full-time, and I have already moved from a bagger at Jewel to working in the warehouse. Next year, our oldest son will graduate from high school.

I am grateful, and I look forward to when I can help someone else.

 - Janvier, Future DuPage Habitat Homeowner


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