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DuPage Habitat for Humanity Launches New Winter Heat Readiness Program Opportunity

The Winter Heat Readiness Program is set to launch this Fall.


DuPage Habitat for Humanity will launch their seasonal Winter Heat Readiness Program this fall. The Energy Information Administration recently released a report which stated about a third of all households in the country have faced struggle in paying their energy bills, and DuPage Habitat’s program seeks to address this.


Home repairs through the Winter Heat Readiness Program will be provided at low to no cost to the applicant, based on their income. Applications are currently being accepted. After an application has been reviewed and approved, DuPage Habitat will send a construction team representative within 30 days to complete a home health and safety check. After this assessment, the construction team will touch base with the applicant and discuss crucial or recommended services.


The program will cover HVAC equipment inspections and replacement, smoke and carbon monoxide detectors, life safety home system inspections, and a review of homeowner maintenance protocols.


Applications are not approved on a first-come, first-served basis. The applications will be reviewed based on need and availability of resources. To be accepted, the applicant must be a homeowner, meet income/family size requirements, and be willing to complete Sweat Equity hours.


For more information regarding applications, please contact Jill Sobie at (630) 510–3737 ext. 315 or jsobie@dupagehabitat.org.


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