Will County Habitat for Humanity

Custom Doghouses.... not just for the dogs

Place a bid to own a doghouse from the 3rd Annual Homes for the Hounds!

Habitat's third annual Homes for the Hounds has come to an end, with more spectacular doghouses lining the walls of our ReStore over the next 2 weeks. The details and unique themed houses attract people from far away to visit our store to catch a glimpse of the houses. 


One may think that each house finds its way home with a four-legged furry friend, but that’s not what actually happens. A Paris themed Eiffel Tower doghouse caught the attention of a man with a Great Dane. Even though the doghouse was built for a small dog, the man purchased the house for his wife who was a French teacher. The house now sits in their family room.


A Dr Seuss themed whimsical doghouse was voted judges favorite; it also was the favorite of every child who entered our store. The 5’ house ended up with a family with several toddlers and was disassembled to fit through the doorway and reassembled in their basement to be used as a playhouse.


Another doghouse was repurposed from an end table for inside of a home. The house went home with cat owners who shared that their felines loved the cozy house.


Although most of the houses will be used for dogs, these beautiful creative doghouses are more than just for the dogs! Some of the doghouses are used for businesses as a way of advertising, others are used in backyards as planters for flower beds and some of the houses remind people of a happy time, and are purchased as a memory. For those who have no purpose for a doghouse, generous customers have bid on the houses to be donated to the Will County Humane Society in their name. 


The doghouses are now up for bid at the Will County Habitat for Humanity ReStore, located at 1395 N Larkin Ave., Joliet and on Facebook.


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