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DuPage Habitat for Humanity Wins Urban Land Institute Vision Award

Neighborhood Revitalization Program Recognized as Visionary Program

DuPage Habitat for Humanity’s Neighborhood Revitalization (NR) Program was recognized by the Urban Land Institute at their 7th Annual Vision Awards on June 13, 2018 at the Theater by the Lake in Chicago. The Vision Awards recognize the full development process – construction, economic viability, marketing, and management—as well as design – and promote best practices in development identifying projects and programs that exemplify the policy and practice areas that underpin ULI.

Award-winning projects and programs highlight creative development practices, inventive partnerships or sharing of resources, imaginative problem solving, or visionary ideas that have contributed to the growth of vibrant communities.

DuPage Habitat’s NR Program in Hanover Park is a major shift from its original mission to bring people together to build homes, communities and hope. The ultimate goal of NR is improved quality of life in a focus neighborhood. Over the past two years, DuPage Habitat has used this model to transform its work. Rather than focusing on building or repairing one house at a time, it has taken a strategic approach to transforming the Greenbrook Tanglewood neighborhoods, combining outreach, home repairs, community building and eventually rehabbing and building new homes to create a more welcoming and stable community for generations to come.

Through Neighborhood Revitalization (NR), residents, the Village of Hanover Park, Keeneyville School District, community organizations and businesses are working together to achieve dreams and aspirations, via the newly formed Neighborhood Revitalization Coalition in the planning and implementation of neighborhood programs and events. The plan offers partners an in-depth look at how their programs and services would fit the identified needs of the Greenbrook Tanglewood Neighborhood.

The plan is comprised of four focus areas, including:


  • Housing- Housing programs offer opportunities for affordable homeownership, community-based residential improvement projects and also offers opportunities for home repair on existing neighborhood residences.
  • Family and Education- New partnerships formed among local schools, the school district,dedicated parents and other local agencies, are developing initiatives that will result inan increase of community programs available for local youth.
  • Clean-up/Green-up- These initiatives aim to encourage a sense of pride and ownership in thecommunity and to encourage more positive use of local green spaces.
  • Jobs and Economic Development- These initiatives aim to enhance access to careeropportunities and training local neighborhoods.


DuPage Habitat’s NR program was recognized for the work completed between September 2016 and September 2017, during which the Neighborhood Revitalization Coalition has recruited 32 dedicated community organizations and businesses to implement change. These positive changes have influenced over 500 elementary school students, 150 high school students, and 140 residents. Programs included the Little Free Library Program, the Community Garden Program, Tanglewood Summer Camp, and Every Hand Makes a Difference Weeks. Events over that past year included Make a Difference Day with Lake Park High School Fall and Spring, Earth Day with Greenbrook Elementary School, MLK Build-Up Day, and the Neighborhood Job Event.



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