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"Old School" Family Game Night
"Old School" Family Game Night

Greenbrook Tanglewood Junior Resident Board holds their first event.

The Greenbrook Tanglewood Junior Resident Board, who call themselves Junior Project Promotion (JPP), held their first event in the Greenbrook Tanglewood Community. This event was an “Old School” Family Game Night. JPP wanted a way to bring the adults and youth in the community to encourage interaction and conversation between the different populations within the community. They noticed that many adults in the community are not communicating with each other as much as they could be, and they want to help in starting to form stronger connections in the community. This board of six high school freshmen worked through planning this event, from the games, to the decorations, to the raffle giveaways. During the event, the students walked around, introduced themselves to the adults, and told them more about what their group is doing in the community. They welcomed 41 people from the Greenbrook Tanglewood Community to their event, which was truly an amazing turnout. They are going to be assisting in planning the Community Resident Barbecue on July 14th next before they launch into their next project which will be after school is back in session in the fall.  Here is a link to a video that we made about the Family Game Night: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dz6oHFecdpE&feature=youtu.be



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