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The Espino and Perez Families

The Espino Family

Mayra and Luis Espino are a young couple married in 2012, and have two wonderful daughters. They are proud of their Mexican culture and traditions and want to make sure that their children grow up bilingual and have an appreciation and respect for both the Mexican and the American cultures.  Mayra, who is a stay at home mom, cherishes every moment she is able to spend with her daughters, and   being able to be there with her as they grow. However, as a single income family, the goal to own a home has been just out of reach.

Mayra and Luis believe that without Habitat for Humanity their dreams of owning a house would be unattainable. Habitat has given them hope to keep believing that achieving the “American Dream” is actually possible. This opportunity has given them the motivation they need to better their lives in so many ways, not only on a personal level but professionally as well.  Being a partner family with   DuPage Habitat not only allows them to own a safe and affordable home, but also has given them the tools and knowledge to effectively manage their money and take care of their home. To Mayra and Luis, owning a home means that they are able to offer their children a safe place to live and a place they can call their own. Having a yard where their children can play and run around freely would be a dream come true.


The Perez Family 

Marcelo and Cristian Perez have two beautiful daughters Ashley, age 11, and Jackie, age 8. Their daughters mean the world to them and they feel truly lucky to have them, they are the joy of their lives.

Becoming a DuPage Habitat for Humanity Partner Family has been a life changing experience for them. It has not been an easy road for the Perez family, living on only one income while taking care of a child with special needs; they just could not afford to buy a home the conventional way. Being a Partner family with DuPage Habitat for Humanity, they see their dreams of homeownership getting closer and they are so excited.

They said, “We are looking forward to our daughters to be able to have their very first rooms and for them to play as long as they want without others telling them to quiet down.” The best part of being a Partner Family for them is being able to meet all of the wonderful people that work and volunteer with DuPage Habitat for Humanity. The Perez Family have no words to describe how grateful they are for all of the work the volunteers and staff do each and every day. 






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