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Volunteer Spotlight

Our spotlight is on Nissan this month




A group from Nissan recently came out to work at one of our homeowners home. Fox Valley Habitat built a home 14 years ago for Virinda and Dino, and, unfortunately, Dino's health had declined in the past few years, but the upkeep on their home was something that he still strived to maintain. He was also known as the "community maintenance man" in their neighborhood and helped his neighbors with their homes, even as his health declined. Sadly, Dino was diagnosed with cancer and Virinda was his full time care giver for the last year of his life. During that time, the outside of their home and yard did not get the attention it usually had. Dino fought hard, but he lost his battle earlier this year. Virinda reached out to us for help for the outside of their home, so we sent our volunteer group from Nissan out to her. They cleaned and fixed the gutters, trimmed the hedges, edged the lawn, weeded, and got a bunch of unneeded tile out of her house. They wanted to do the finishing touch of mowing her lawn, but discovered her lawn mower was broken. They unanimously agreed and set off to buy her a new lawn mower! By the time they left, the lawn looked flawless. A huge thank you to Nissan for your generosity and hard work. We know Virinda was very touched and so very thankful for your selfless act of kindness. I'm sure Dino would be just as pleased and thankful for the love and kindness you showed to his family that day.


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If you have a group that would like to come out and work with us please contact Chris at: You can also read more about our Collaborative Build Days on our website.


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