A Mother's Wish Come True

A note from our Executive Coordinator, Chris Schindler


Hey everyone!  Chris here, and I wanted to tell you about a cool little moment that happened a few weeks ago.

Our most recent partner family is Carmen and her two daughters, Naima and Jaeda.  You may have heard me talk about them in a video, or maybe you read about them in our latest appeals letter.  In a nutshell, Carmen and her girls are stuck living in a basement that, to say the least, really isn’t a place to be living in.  It’s dark, it’s dank, it’s wet…it’s not cool.  As you can probably imagine, they’re pretty excited about the prospect of getting a brand new house built for them to live in, and I got to see that excitement first-hand at our Faith Build site.

Carmen came out to do some of her sweat-equity hours one day, went home to clean up, and returned to the site with her girls after our volunteers had gone home.  The structure of the Faith Build home was constructed enough that it actually looked like a house: the roof was on, the walls were up, the windows were in, etc.  So the moment those two little ladies jumped out of the car, they were practically dancing their way up to the front of the house.  (Naima actually was dancing.  Like, non-stop.  She was so excited that she literally couldn’t stop moving!)  So I said, “Hey!  You two want a tour of the house?  ‘Cause this one’s probably a lot like the one we’re gonna build for you guys next year!” 

Wide eyes and even more ecstatic movement was a clear “Yes.” 

I took them into the house, pointed out what the different rooms were, and gave them ideas about what they could do with each room.  As their eyes darted from place to place and their minds began to form different ideas of what their home was going to look like, the excitement just kept growing.  Carmen was absolutely beaming watching this spectacle go on, and I couldn’t have wiped the smile off my face if my life had depended on it.

What was so awesome about this moment was that we are, in fact, going to build this little family a house.  It’s happening next year; this is happening!  All of the excitement Carmen’s daughters were projecting was mounting towards the day that they finally get to leave the basement and move into their very own home.  On that day, this family’s life will be changed for the better, and that “better” will be permanent.

As the girls twirled and frolicked through the house, overwhelming feelings of joy and justice ran through me.  Fox Valley Habitat for Humanity is literally righting a wrong that has woven its way through our society: a severe lack of affordable housing for wonderful families like Carmen, Naima, and Jaeda, who truly need it.  I look forward to the day that these three are standing on their front porch as we dedicate their home and they finally move into a place of their own. 

And I just know that on that day those girls will dance like they’ve never danced before. 


Christopher Schindler
Executive Coordinator
“We build the dream of a house into the reality of a home.”

To learn more about becoming a homeowner please follow this link to our website. 

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Future Homeowners

Rubi (left) Carmen (right)              Rubi, Jeff Barrett- FVHH CEO, Carmen


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