Your Help is Needed for Illinois Property Tax Exemption Bill

Please take the time to ask for the support of this Bill.

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Chris Carollo, who is on the Habitat for Humanity Illinois Board of Directors, has been successful in obtaining the support of State Representative, Emily McCasey to introduce a Bill in Springfield that would exempt non-profits from paying property taxes on land and homes that are to be used for low income families.

The Bill was able to get introduced and can been seen here.

There are a number of steps that need to take place before the Bill can become a reality. Two immediate needs are to find cosponsors for the bill and to gain support from other State Representatives. We need your help to contact your local State Reps to ask them to review and support the Bill. As you know, Habitat for Humanity's impact on a community's tax base can be substantial. Not only does Habitat return land and homes to the tax rolls, but we do it at a notably higher level. In addition, Habitat's impact often includes the improvement of nearby property values as families in the area begin to invest time and energy into their own homes. Providing organizations like Habitat with this type of exemption enables them to use the dollars saved to invest more into the community and actually add to the tax rolls.

Please take the time to ask for the support of this Bill. We appreciate your engagement and we appreciate all that you do for Habitat for Humanity and the many families we serve.

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