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‘Blessed’ after acquiring housing with Habitat for Humanity
For Vivelohoy in Chicago – November 3, 2015 12:14pm

 Filiberto Hernández is just a few days from his new life. For more information about the nonprofit organization, visit

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Saying goodbye to a life and fighting to create the best future is the emotional and physical trip that Filiberto Hernández embarked on 22 years ago when he immigrated to the United States.  

“Well, I think we all come here for something, to better the quality of our lives and if we can do something better, how great.”

Hernández, originally from Mexico, has made this space his home during the last 3 years. 

“More than anything I like it because it’s calm, I have my neighbors and a few other people that live here but they don’t create issues, everything is pretty good.”

But he is about to leave behind this room to complete one of his dreams of becoming a homeowner.

“I would like to have my daughter and mother to come live with me, have great times, summers, have a BBQ, invite brothers from the church and also come to the house to do something, converse and be able to speak about the bible.“

The non-profit organization, Habitat for Humanity Lake County, helps people like him achieve this goal at an attainable price. 

“Being a homeowner of their own property gives them a reason to be able to better themselves. The families that have been in our program have overcome many obstacles, their children have gone to college and, to be honest, I see that the children and parents better themselves as a family."

One of the requirements to acquire a mortgage loan and a home from Habitat for Humanity is to work 500 hours with the organization. 

“In the program, they have to take 26 classes on money management because many of our families haven’t been homeowners. So sometimes we find families that don’t know how to write a check or how to open a bank account. This is information that is very important for any person that wants to buy a property."

“This is nice because you work as a team, a family, everyone helping each other. Thank God there hasn’t been any weird looks – it’s the opposite, everyone is united.”

Thanks to the donations, the volunteers and the support of his daughter, Filiberto is only a few weeks away from being able to live in his new home. 

“No, I’m happy. Imagine just from seeing how it’s turning out, it’s pretty. Imagine how I am – I feel very great, I am very happy.”

Reporting from Waukegan for Hoy Noticas I’m Nicole Suarez.


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