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ReStore Aurora General Store Manager

Meet John Betz

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John has recently started working for Fox Valley Habitat for Humanity as the General Store Manager at Restore Aurora. 

Graduating from Southern Illinois University with a business degree in communication and multiple previous management positions, John is the perfect fit for our Restore. Providing us ample experience and knowledge, John has been involved in a variety of other round-up and start-up businesses. He believes his experience in hiring and training the right staff, building previous stores from the ground up, and overseeing store remodels can really help the Restore become the best version possible. For example, John shares that there is more than just one way to recycle a used piece of furniture. Whether it be cleaning it up for sale, repurposing into another project, or deconstructing for scrap, John is able to offer the best possible solution for each item donated to the store.


In John’s free time he enjoys playing a variety of instruments. So far, he has mastered the drums, guitar, and bass. When he’s not practicing his music, you can find him train watching. John is a train enthusiast who not only enjoys model trains, but also the history and mechanics of the trains we see today and in museums. Local to the area, John was happy to find this job opportunity at Fox Valley Habitat for Humanity and to be able to provide all he has to offer in his hometown. Although the shortened commute was a perk, John was most excited to work in a giveback environment. Upbeat, fulfilling, and inspiring, he has seen some of his best work come to life at our Restore as he is truly enjoying his time at work and the difference he is making in the community. There are a few things that John thinks are unique about our Restore. The fact that there is a constant change in the influx of products provides the opportunity for everyone to find what they are looking for. With new products being donated weekly, the turnover is quick. John’s advice is to stop in today- items are here today but gone tomorrow! Currently, John is working with other businesses in creating more foot traffic at the store. Keep an eye out for upcoming ads in The Orange Peel Gazette and commercials on 95.9 The River.

Restore Aurora is owned and operated by Fox Valley Habitat for Humanity, where all of the proceeds are designated for the Habitat Homeowner Program, in which a home is built to help those in the community who could not get there on their own. How can you help? John advises to tell a friend, whether donating items or time, there is always a way you can help. The Restore is open to onsite donations, as well as scheduled pickups to make it easier on you.

Welcome to the team, John!


Interested in volunteering at our Restore? Click here to find our more information on how you can help our partner families by volunteering in your community!


The author of this article, Melissa Smith, is part of our college credit Internship Program. Find out more about our internship opportunities by clicking here today!



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