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Rubi's Story

Rubi's story is unlike our other homeowners. She is the pure definition of what it means to love and be a part of a family, and we are happy to have her as a part of our Habitat family.

Rubi is unlike all of our other homeowners because Rubi grew up in a Habitat home, and she is now a second-generation homeowner. She was living in her parent’s home with her husband and their two daughters. The home was not meant for that many people, and they were essentially living on top of each other. When Rubi’s husband was deported in the summer of 2014, she decided it was time to move out of her parent’s home. Rubi was denied of a loan to get a trailer home for her and her daughters because of her credit and school loans, and she felt like she was back at square one. Rubi’s mom suggested that she apply for a Habitat home, and she was very apprehensive about that because Rubi feared getting denied again.

In September 2014, Rubi decided to send in her application for a Fox Valley Habitat home. In November of the same year, two members from the office went to do Rubi’s home visit. Upon applying Rubi knew that all homeowners are required to take a Financial Peace University course. There was a new session starting January 2015, so she decided to enroll despite not knowing if she was approved for a home yet. She figured that even if she was denied, the class would still be beneficial.

It was not until July 2015 that Rubi got a letter in the mail from Habitat. Due to her already being in the Habitat family because of her mother, she assumed it was just a birthday card from the office. She had not heard anything in eight months, so she assumed she did not get approved for a home. To Rubi’s surprise, she read the word “Congratulations” at the top of the letter, and immediately had tears streaming down her face. She was finally going to have a home.

On July 29, 2016, Rubi and her daughters were told which house was going to be hers. Jeff, Fox Valley Habitat’s CEO, explained the floor plan. Rubi recalls the moment her daughters were told they were going to have two toilets, and her youngest daughter burst with joy. Rubi was also informed that her home was going to be the Faith Build home; a home built based on the donations of local churches and other faith centered organizations. On October 22, 2016, Rubi met the churches that sponsored her home and they broke ground on construction.

The real building of her home began in May 2017, and Rubi was there close to every weekend helping to build her home. She loved being able to see every wall put up, but she explained that watching the installation of her front wall was the most emotional. This was the wall that faces the street, the wall that had the windows, and Rubi reminisced, “That’s my front door. That’s where my Christmas tree is going to be.”

Rubi got the keys to her home right before Christmas 2017, on the day of her daughter’s 7th birthday. That night they celebrated the birthday and their new home with cake and pizza along with the company of another homeowner and her daughters. Rubi and her daughters spent their first night in their home on New Years Eve and rang in 2018 in their new home.

2018 was a big year for Rubi and her girls. This was the first year for everything. Since moving into their home, they have become more active in church. Before Habitat, Rubi was never really a “church person,” she was Catholic, but not active in any church. Rubi said, “Being the faith build gave me faith again. God wanted my family to be the faith build because he wanted me to go back to church and continue my faith and grow my girl’s faith.” In April Rubi was confirmed in her church, her daughters attend confirmation class every Friday and are going to have their first communion in May 2020, and they all attend church together every Sunday. 

In August 2018 her daughters started at a new school. Both of the girls are thriving in their new school. Her oldest daughter who used to struggle in school is now on honor role, has developed stronger social skills, and is a patrol at school. Her youngest daughter is on high honor role and her test scores are above the district and is known as a “role model kid” who gets taken out of class and moved a grade up for an hour every day to challenge herself. Both daughters are now active in cheerleading and 100-mile club.

Rubi also had substantial growth after moving into her home. She has lost 50 pounds and loves cooking meals for her and her family. Her husband was reunited with them in September 2019 and they are currently planning a church wedding, as they have been married in the courthouse but not the church. Rubi is very busy planning a wedding to celebrate the love she shares with her husband, which is set for September 5, 2020.

Rubi has grown so much since moving into her home, and even before moving in she was extremely active with the Fox Valley affiliate. Rubi takes so much pride in her home and has grown immensely with her daughters. As time goes on, there will be many more accomplishments and celebrations coming along with her daughters and the upcoming wedding. Rubi has proven that faith is what she needs to get through, and that is what she plans to continue to rely on.

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