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Habitat Hero Gene Oliphant

Gene Oliphant

Gene Oliphant has been working with Fox Valley Habitat since 2000, for him helping others fills him with happiness. Gene says, "I have had the opportunity of working with volunteers and other team members and it’s always nice to help others while working together." Gene is proud of all the work that he has done over the years with other volunteers. He is amazed over and over again that they can build such nice homes for the Habitat families. There’s nothing better than seeing the smiling faces of the new homeowners at home dedications and how grateful they are. It makes it all worth it.


Gene is part of Fox Valley Builders Club in which he works with a crew of 6 retired men that work together to meet their goals in a fast and efficient way for Habitat. Gene has a lot of experience working on roofing and basements.

He says he can’t remember how many homes he has worked on over the years, but remembers one home in particular. He was helping build a 3-bedroom home in 2004 for Barbara Zegiel and her daughters, and now many years later she is one of the Habitat staff members. He remembers that there were 10 houses built on the same street in Montgomery between 2002 and 2007. During the same time frame, with the help of the Union Workers, Gene also remembers them building a home in one week, an accomplishment he is proud of. Gene also helps out at DuPage Habitat and Chicago Habitat, he tries to go where he is needed.


2021 was hard due to COVID-19. Gene couldn’t help as much as he wanted and hopes everything goes back to normal soon so he can keep helping more families.


Gene takes a special interest in the "Women Build". According to him some believe that women do not have the knowledge, skills or strength to build a house, but they are wrong. Women can be better than men, women listen and pay more attention to details. Gene hopes that more women get involved with Habitat. He would also like to see more churches and religious groups to get involved, Gene believes that more volunteers are needed to build affordable housing for families in need, now more than ever.


Gene says, “Every little bit helps when helping others. There is nothing too small or too big when giving back to our brothers and sisters in need. If everyone gave just one ounce of their time, just think where the world would be today.”


Thank you, Gene, for all those year of dedication to Habitat for Humanity. You are truly one of our honored heroes. You have given stability, faith, and hope to those who needed a better life. You have made the world a better place to live with your generosity and love.


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