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Habitat Hero Walt Woods

Walt Woods


Walt Woods was born in 1931 and grew up on a farm in rural Virginia as part of a large family. He went to college and worked hard to earn a PHD in Agricultural Science eventually becoming a respected college professor in the South. Helping those less fortunate has always been important to Walt. While living in Virginia, Walt got involved in his local chapter of Habitat for Humanity and it was then that his passion for building houses for those who would ordinarily not be able to own a home was born.

Walt eventually retired from the professional life and found himself in Naperville, Illinois. He was quick to get himself involved in the nearest Habitat for Humanity. That would prove to be none other than Fox Valley Habitat for Humanity. And thus, Walt has volunteered for almost twenty years with Habitat for Humanity.

Since working with Fox Valley Habitat, Walt has been working with the same team of guys. Though there have been many additions over the years. Walt and his team have bonded over the years on the many projects they have worked on together. Collectively, they have done work on over 50 houses and have seen many from start to conclusion. During Covid, Walt and the other 7 men of the Builders Club built and completed 3 homes. The bond that has formed between the men has been something almost indescribable for Walt who feels that it has been an honor to get to know these men while giving back for a meaningful cause. He is extremely proud of the fact that he has been able to have a meaningful second act in his life. At 89, Walt is still working on Habitat homes everyday but believes that after maybe one more year of it he will have to retire from building homes. But, he is optimistic that he will be able to find a meaningful third act of his life.

Walt has helped Fox Valley Habitat for Humanity build 11 homes since 2017 and is in the process of building two more homes this year in 2021. Fox Valley Habitat for Humanity is extremely blessed to have Walt Woods working on the construction site. He is very knowledgeable about construction and works well with teaching homeowners and other volunteers how to build. Walt you are truly an inspiration to everyone you meet. We are honored for you to be one of our Fox Valley Habitat Heroes and we love you!




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