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Habitat Hero John Lear

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John Lear


After earning his degree in journalism, John Lear started his journalism career in the early 1970’s. Advocating for the less fortunate or the “little guy” has always been important to John. He always strove to do that in his long and illustrious career in journalism that lasted forty years. He was writing for such prestigious publications as The Tampa Tribune and Bloomberg News and even found himself stationed in China for a few years. John was in his early sixties when he retired from journalism in 2016 and was thankful to get out when he did.


After retiring, John found himself trying to figure out what he would do with the rest of his life when he was invited to join a team of guys from his church, known as the Fox Valley Habitat Builder’s Club, to work on the 2017 Faith Build Home. Affordable housing has always been important to John and getting involved in a way that would help people reach the American dream was an offer he could not refuse. After just one build, he was hooked. For the last five years, John has been working with the same team of guys, building houses together and have finished over ten homes.

Building comes easy to John as he has been around and used tools his whole life. He has worked on well over fifty homes and the ones he and the Fox Valley Habitat Builder’s Club have seen from start to finish are the ones he is most proud of. He has truly enjoyed getting to know the Builder’s Club. Each volunteer plays a unique and individual role in the building process and each man is integral to the team and could not be replaced.

John is a humble and quite man and we could not have built as many houses as we have without his help. He volunteers 4 to 5 days a week and works 5 hours a day and has no plans to slow down anytime soon. This is pure dedication for our organization and love for the people who truly are in desperate need of affordable housing. Fox Valley Habitat for Humanity appreciates everything you have done over the years and we consider you one of our Habitat Hero’s. Thank you, John!

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