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Allen Green


Since April 2015, Allen Green has been the jack of all trades and our Construction Supervisor at Fox Valley Habitat for Humanity. Al has overseen and built thirteen homes for Fox Valley Habitat. We would like to commemorate Allen Green as a Habitat Hero for all of the work he has done for our organization. We truly appreciate all of his hard work and expertise for aiding us to achieve our mission of living in a world where everyone has a decent place to live.

Al will miss all of his friends that he has worked with on the builds as much as they will miss him. He has touched the hearts of so many people and we all love him and appreciate his time and hard work the last seven years. We are proud to call Allen Green a Habitat Hero!

Allen Green is originally from Ohio, but was raised in Aurora, Illinois. He went to East Aurora High School and joined the Marine Corps at the age of 19. When Al returned from the service, he became a carpenter and he is still a carpenter to this day. Before working at Habitat, he was in between jobs and working at Home Depot. Al found out about Fox Valley Habitat for Humanity from his brother-in-law, Bob Channel, the Manager of In-Kind Donations at Fox Valley Habitat. He says that he genuinely enjoys building homes and helping out those who are in need. He also really enjoys teaching the homeowners and spending time with the Builders Club, a group of retired folks who volunteer on a regular basis.

Al is very grateful to anyone who has ever volunteered or donated to Habitat in the past because their contributions help us achieve our mission. He says that the materials that are donated are very useful and help them finish the homes. He also thinks that anyone who volunteers their time to help contribute to the cause is very kind. Allen’s favorite thing about working for Fox Valley Habitat for Humanity is the people that he works for. He noted, “Jeffery Barrett, our CEO, is one of the greatest bosses I ever had. Jeff is a really nice guy and he is easy to get along with.” Al suggested that anyone who is on the fence about volunteering to try it once and he guarantees that anyone who volunteers will enjoy it. He recommends volunteering with your co-workers at a Company Team Building Day because they are a lot of fun.

Al thinks the biggest misconception that people have about Habitat for Humanity is that the houses that are built are free. The houses cost almost the same to build as regular homes and the homeowners still have to pay an affordable mortgage. Al has a lot of respect for the homeowners because it is a huge commitment to become a part of our program and they are working for their house more than a regular homeowner would. He still thinks joining our program is worth it because our homeowners learn a lot of important things so they become successful homeowners. He encourages any form of help because the more help they receive the faster the houses are built and the faster that the homeowners can benefit from the homes.

In 2019, Al decided it was time to retire and after completing his last home with us, he moved with his wife to a new home in Tennessee in April of 2021. He has some restorations to do to his home in Tennessee, but wants to continue to work after the restorations are done. He stated he might work part-time or volunteer at a local Habitat for Humanity in Tennessee.


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